20 Ambition – project intro

This is a see-where-it-gets type of attempt,

where I bring a LOT of stuff I’ve written in this theme – the ambition of the 20’s,

and bringing them all in to fill enough lyrical ideas to make a song (the idea literally just hit me as I was writing 🙂 )

I’m a Christian, and my ideas are based loosely along that line of the Christian idea being God being by my side,

under whatever circumstances. Through Facebook, Cyworld posts, I’ve written many that resonate

with that idea – centered on inspiring fellow youths in their 20’s. It’s what I’ve struggled a lot with, and

still do today.

The main theme seems to be the conflict between what others think you should do what what you actually want to accomplish.

So this is how it’s going to work. I am going to start editing the drafts, and to have no creative restrictions in this editing process I’ll categorize the multiple drafts – as I make them into lyrics – into ’20 Ambition’.

That way I’ll experiment with what kind of way is the best in composing music, as I still am trying to make sense of how this is going to be a passive hobby for me.

So, my next post will be the raw dump of posts regarding the above theme.


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