Burst v0 – Open and Broken

Burst v0 – Open and Broken by lovebes

Theme of the concept album, Burst v0.
Open and Broken was the title of the folder that I wrote everything about myself and my spiritual walk with God, trying to understand myself in His light.
Song a day challenge.

Burst 4 - Open and Broken

Dsus A2 B G (x4)

Dsus       A2

My lips are open

B         (G) 		 D                A		G    D                A

my mind is broken (x4)  (I'm throwing out everything in me) (Lord won't you listen to my prayer)

D          G          A

My eyes go round and round

D         G      A

no anchor for my bound

D          G

Caring for truer things

A             B

  but then I am deserted


G7 A2 D 

This broken mind cannot see the truth

G7 A2

thruth of joy, truth of soothing

G  A2 A D

only thing I know is a glimpse of you

E (pause) The bright light



My body I cannot control

				      D     A

an inch going closer but then mile of wrong road

Dizzy and crazy I'm not thinking straight

trying to get my back stand up and go through the gate

only thing I know is a glimpse of you

E (pause) the bright light

[chorus chords, slowly]

My mind is broken and I cannot fix it

only You, Your hand, Your Spirit can guide me

So wake my my nightmare so that I would not forget

and go you You the Lord of endless comfort


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