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Burst v0 – Open and Broken

Burst v0 – Open and Broken by lovebes

Theme of the concept album, Burst v0.
Open and Broken was the title of the folder that I wrote everything about myself and my spiritual walk with God, trying to understand myself in His light.
Song a day challenge.

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Burst v0 – Winged it

Burst v0 – Wingedit by lovebes

I lost the lyrics, and the chords. Didn’t write them down..
song a day challenge.

Them. Her.

Burst v0 – Them. Her. by lovebes

Song a day challenge.
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Burst v0

2006년 가을 학기. 코업에 처음 들어왔다. 처음 부모님과 떨어져, 기숙사라는 곳에 혼자 크리스마스를 보내게 되었다. 일주일간 하루에 노래를 하나씩 만드려는 도전을 했는데, 가사는 다 썼었고.

Very lame lyrics, but was the product of a song a day challenge. I post them here for keep sake.